It’s been a long time coming.  It was hard the past 8 years to not have a huge feeling of disenchantment over what the US had become and what it was starting to become.  My family immigrated us here with the hope of unlimited opportunities, with the notion that working hard to achieve success actually meant something.  That this country was a fair-minded place, where all things are possible.  That it was a country of honor and integrity, a country the rest of the world could look on with inspiration.

In the past 8 years, that has gradually eroded to the point of disaster, and it seemed that the voice of reason, the voice of common sense, and the voice of what is just and right was being more & more often left in the dust.

Tonight, that all changed, or at least now there is the reality that change is possible.  That hope can become reality.

It’s a great day to be an American.

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